OSHA software for the OSHA 300 Log. Workers' Compensation software for first report of injury.


This download will update FirstReport
to Build 448 (Released 11/7/07)

What's new in this build:

Export data to Microsoft Excel feature has been added. Click File>Export All Data, and then follow the instructions on the screen to export data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Step 1

You must already have FirstReport installed and registered, and know where your existing data file is before installing this update. Verify the path to your data file before proceeding:
- Open FirstReport.
- Click File on the menu bar at the top of the screen
- Select Data Path
- The path to your data file is on the bottom line.
- Write down the path and close the Data Path window.

Step 2

With FirstReport still open,
- Click Update on the menu bar at the top of your screen.
- Click Update again on the drop-down menu.
- Write down the Password that is displayed. The password is case sensitive and you will need it to install the update.

After you have recorded your data path from Step 1 and the password, close FirstReport before proceeding to install the update.

If you do not have a password, or encounter a problem entering the password, please call us at (828) 441-0404 for assistance.

Click here to print a document containting complete download and installation instructions. (In Acrobat PDF format)

Step 3
Click here to download the update to FirstReport 4.08
update448.exe           (1,436 KB)
This file will take between 30 seconds and 2 minutes to download, depending on the speed of your Internet connectioin.

If you were unable to print the instructions, they are displayed below:

Before installing the update

You must already have FirstReport installed to use the update.

Installing a FirstReport update will not affect your existing data, but you need to know where your data file is located if it is not in the default location (C:\1report40\1reportdata.mdb).

To verify the location of your data file, open FirstReport before installing the update. Click File on the menu bar at the top of the screen and select Data Path. The path to your data file will be on the bottom line of the list that is displayed. Write it down. Then Close FirstReport.

Downloading the update

Click on the link to download the update file. A dialog box may appear that will prompt you to "Run this program from its current location" or "Save this program to disk". (The disk is the hard drive of your computer, not a floppy disk.) Select Save this program to disk and click OK.

Another dialog box will appear that will prompt you to select a location on your hard drive to save the file. There is a white field at the top of this dialog box labeled Save in. If Desktop does not appear in this field, click the drop-down arrow on the right side of the field and scroll up and select Desktop.

The File name field at the bottom of the dialog box should display update4xx.exe. (The 4xx in the file name represents a 3 digit number beginning with 4, such as 442, 444, 446, etc.) Click the Save button to begin the file download. The download should take between 30 seconds and two minutes, depending on the speed of your Internet connection. When the download is complete, close Internet Explorer. An icon labeled update4xx.exe should be on the Desktop of your computer.

Make sure that your FirstReport program is not running before installing the update.

Installing the update

Double-click on the update4xx.exe icon on your Desktop. A WinZip self-extractor dialog box will open. Click the Unzip button. Enter the password and click OK. (The password is case sensitive, so enter it exactly like you received it.) After the file has unzipped, click OK and Close.

Running the program for the first time after installing the update

Start FirstReport.

You will be prompted to open a database. Browse to the location of your data file (that you wrote down earlier) and select it. When you have connected to the data file you will see the Main Menu.

Click on Search For an Existing Incident Report. Click the Search button. Verify that your data is intact. You are finished.

Cleaning Up

After the installation is complete, delete the update4xx.exe file from your Desktop.


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