OSHA software for the OSHA 200 Log and OSHA 300 Log. Workers' Compensation software for first report of injury.


This page has several graphic images which may take a moment to load. Please be patient, and scroll down to view all of the screen shots.

The following screen shots are representative of the desktop versions of FirstReport for Workers' Comp & OSHA and FirstReport for OSHA only. If you wish to see screen shots of FirstReport Online, click here.
When you open the program, you'll see the Main Menu. Note that it is a simple design and in plain English. No wierd icons to decipher. Click on Create A New Injury Report to open a new case.
                             FirstReport and FirstReport for OSHA are capable of tracking multiple employers and locactions. Select the employer and location.
Shown above in reduced size, is the initial data entry screen for FirstReport. Click the Print button to print the first report of injury at any time.
Shown above in reduced size, is the employee information screen for FirstReport.
  If FirstReport ever starts to look like this, don’t call technical support; maybe it’s just time for you to take a break! You may be suffering from carpal brain syndrome.
Just point and click to select Type of Injury, Body Part and Cause.
The OSHA calculator automatically keeps a running total of the number of lost and restricted work days for the OSHA 200 Log.
Point and click to select Physician and Hospital. Select Yes or No to indicate OSHA recordability. If you’re not sure, try the recordability test.
Simply answer Yes or No to determine recordability.
Select a location and click the print button to print the OSHA 200 Log.

Just point and click to print a summary report.

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