OSHA software for the OSHA 300 Log. Workers' Compensation software for first report of injury.

FirstReport for OSHA Overview
FirstReport for OSHA is easy to use software that helps employers complete OSHA 300 Logs, 300A Summaries, and 301 Incident Reports.
FirstReport for OSHA is software that you install on your computer in the usual manner. It runs on any version of Windows, including Windows 7, and is network-ready. It tracks multiple locations. FirstReport also keeps a database of cases and produces a range of risk management / loss control reports.

FirstReport Features
FirstReport for OSHA is not rocket science.
You don't even need to be a computer geek. All you do is point and click, type a little, and follow simple on-screen instructions in plain English.
FirstReport is fast and easy.
You enter the basic information about your business only once. The program automatically enters this information on all forms thereafter. Just answer simple on-screen questions and fill in on-screen blanks. Many fields require no typing. Simply point and click.
FirstReport for OSHA is a safety management tool.
Summary reports tell you what happened, when, where, and how. FirstReport for OSHA tracks the location, department, type, body part, cause and frequency of occupational injuries and illnesses. You can even export your data to a spreadsheet. Use this information to help guide your safety program.
FirstReport for OSHA tracks multiple locations.
If your company has hundreds of locations, and thousands of employees, FirstReport for OSHA will handle them all. It even tracks multiple employers with multiple locations.
FirstReport for OSHA is an outstanding value.
Priced so that people who need it can afford it; hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars less than other programs.
Up to date.
FirstReport for OSHA will keep you current. It's fully compliant with the 300 series OSHA forms.
Network Ready.
FirstReport for OSHA comes configured for stand-alone or network use. A separate license is required for each workstation on which the program is installed.
FirstReport Is Guaranteed.
FirstReport for OSHA has a thirty-day, money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money.

Free Technical Support
Free technical support is included with your FirstReport for OSHA annual license. (But it’s so easy to use, you’ll probably never need it)
Free Updates
You can download any updates that may be released during your annual license period from the support page of this site.
How to Order
Download the software, then click


Download the software, then call:
(828) 441-0404
We’ll give you a registration code and get your billing information.
A FirstReport for OSHA annual license costs only $500.00 for the first year and $250 per year for subsequent years.
System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Vista, or XP.
    Windows NT, Windows 2000.
  • 15 megabytes of available hard drive space
  • A mouse or other pointing device
  • A laser or inkjet printer

If your computer can run Microsoft Office, it can run FirstReport for OSHA.