OSHA software for the OSHA 300 Log. Workers' Compensation software for first report of injury.

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FirstReport 2004 painlessly fills out workers' comp first reports of injury and maintains OSHA 300 Logs, 300A Summaries, and 301 Incident Reports. FirstReport 2004 is date sensitive. It automatically saves incidents occurring in 2002 and later on the OSHA 300 series forms while keeping incidents from 2001 and earlier on the old OSHA 200 Log forms. FirstReport 2004 also includes OSHA's revised forms for 2004.
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OSHA 300 Log Is Revised
For Posting In 2005
The OSHA recordkeeping forms have changed for calendar year 2004. The revised OSHA 300 Log must be used for incidents occurring in 2004 and later, and the revised OSHA 300A must be posted beginning February 1, 2005.
Registered FirstReport Software users can download an update here.
FirstReport Online subscribers need do nothing since the online service already includes the new OSHA 300 forms.
The changes are minor, and will not affect the way that either the software or the online service are used.


FirstReport Online
Internet Service

FirstReport Online, fills out OSHA 300 Logs, OSHA 200 Logs and workers' comp first reports of injury over the Internet. There's no software to purchase or install. Click here for details.
How is FirstReport Online different than FirstReport Software?
FirstReport Online is an Internet subscription service. It runs completely over the Internet. You can access FirstReport Online from any computer with an Internet connection. Simply login and begin working.  
FirstReport Software
is traditional desktop software. You purchase a license and install the software on your computer.

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